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Our tree planting approach

We restore and protect biodiversity hotspots

Instead of monocultures, we grow over 500 different native species where they are needed most. Always shoulder-to-shoulder with local communities.

Trees planted by ecosia users

  • 15 Million

    People using Ecosia

  • 500+

    Native species

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    Active projects

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Monthly financial reports

Our revenue in November 2021

Our monthly reports show how much ad revenue we made from your searches, how we spent it, and how many trees this helped us plant.
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Why choose Ecosia?

We put people and planet before profit

  1. We’re a not-for-profit business

    We dedicate 100% of our profits to climate action, with at least 80% financing tree-planting projects.

  2. Ecosia is powered by 200% renewable energy

    Our solar panels produce twice the amount of energy needed to power all searches with renewables.

  3. We always put your privacy first

    We anonymize your searches and don’t create a profile of you. We’re interested in trees, not your data.

  4. We are transparent about everything we do

    We publish detailed financial reports and frequent updates from our tree planting projects.

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